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Day: May 16, 2022

Speaker Among wants MPs salaries increased over inflation

Speaker Among wants MPs salaries increased over inflation

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Reports from parliament indicate that the speaker Rt. Hon. Anita Among and her Deputy Thomas Tayebwa have met members of the Parliamentary commission, a top organ of the institution over highly sensitive matters. The Meeting which sat this morning at Anita’s residence in Kololo resolved that all Members of Parliament especially from the ruling NRM party are allocated a slight increment by at least UGX 10m effective the coming financial year of 2022/23 so that they can cope up with the sky rocketing inflation. According to one of our trusted sources who attended the meeting, Among suggested that the inflation is equally affecting the MPs and therefore the best solution is to increase the salary of all MPs by at least UGX 10m. “We understand most of you are facing challenges in your const...
An Open letter to Muhozi Kainerugaba, Please have some respect for elders!

An Open letter to Muhozi Kainerugaba, Please have some respect for elders!

By Muhimbise George Dear Gen Muhozi, receive my warm greetings. As usual you have been on rampage, throwing tweets around in which you make political statements regarding your futile & empty dream of capturing power. In your recent tweets you were seen ridiculing the person of Gen Mugisha Muntu, to the extent of calling him a sober non performing commander who purportedly wasted the nine years he was a commander. You also regreted why Jet Mwebaze wasn't instead appointed the commander of the army that time and went on to refer to ANT as "a small collapsing party" Gen Muhozi, first of all, you can't regret a decision you never made, if the commander in chief Gen Museveni has never regreted appointing Muntu, why you? Secondly, you need to know that the retired comrades you are ridic...
Luganda  Added To Google Translate.

Luganda Added To Google Translate.

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Luganda speakers are about to enjoy the internet more than ever as the Google translate feature will start supporting the language on top of other 23 new languages. Google estimates that the language is spoken by over 20 million people in Uganda and Rwanda. This was announced at the recent annual developer conference, I/O 2022, where the search giant made a host of exciting new announcements for its products and services. The translation feature uses a new machine learning technique. Google Translate has added 24 new languages to its translation service, taking the number of languages it supports to a total of 133. Among these 24 newly-added languages apart from Luganda (Uganda and Rwanda), 8 are in use in Africa. The list includes Ewe (Ghana), Krio (Sierra Leone), Lingala (the Democrat...