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Police On Hot Spot For Raiding Catholic Church Over CCTV Footage Of MUK Student Tegu’s Murder By LDU

By Elite News Reporter

The Uganda Police have come under fire after being accused of allegedly raiding St. Augustine Church at Makerere University, in a bid to cover up the murder of Emmanuel Tegu, a third year Veterinary student that was reportedly clobbered to death by Local Defence Unit  Militia.

Elite News website reported how Tegu had died shortly after being dumped at Mulago Referral Hospital by a police patrol truck.

Although word had earlier circulated that Tegu had been clobbered by LDU militia and  UPDF soldiers after he expressed his support for Bobi Wine and People Power movement, Police spokesperson Patrick Onyango came out and refuted the allegation, stating that the deceased had been killed by a mob.

Some of the cops that raided St. Augustine Church to confiscate the CCTV footage and other equipment

However, a few days after Onyango’s statement, the clergy at St. Augustine Catholic Church came out and proclaimed that they had footage that was recorded by CCTV cameras at the church on the night of Tegu’s murder and that they were willing to share it with the public.

 But our Moles reveal that clerics at the Catholic Church at Makerere University woke up to shock, after finding their CCTV cameras, data collection systems vandalized and equipment confiscated by police officers who raided the church.

Elite News website has learnt that Police overpowered St. Augustine Chaplain, Fr Joseph Ddungu  and forcefully took the Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) footage showing events that resulted in the death of a Tegu.

Amidst the contradictory accounts surrounding Tegu’s murder, Fr Ddungu had promised to release footage from the chapel CCTV in the presence of both police and media personnel.

However, the priest on Tuesday informed journalists that the CCTV clips were to be officially released to police and journalists on Wednesday at 11:00Am. But, upon accessing St. Augustine Chapel CCTV control-room, the police detectives and police ICT team blocked access for journalists and Makerere Guild members  to the facility and footage.

Fr Ddungu who had left everything to the Church administrator a one James, came from his office and insisted that the CCTV must be released to the media.

“I am being called every day and by many people wanting to see this footage. It must be given to the media. I am tired of being called and I want this to be concluded. The journalists are here, allow them to see,” Fr Ddungu told police.

But the Makerere University Officer in charge of Criminal Investigations Priscilla Amuko, said the footage could not be accessed by journalists because investigations are still ongoing.

“If you have any other queries to make you can go through the PRO [police spokesperson]. We have not taken over anything. Let’s work together to see the deceased gets justice,” ASP Amuko said.

The police team was reinforced by Wandegeya Division Police Commander Samuel Odongo, the Officer in Charge of Operations Mubarak Ssemakula, and the Makerere University OC alongside other policemen surrounded St Augustine Chapel until the CCTV footage was extracted.

However, the church and Makerere University members who had earlier on accessed the footage although preferred anonymity said Tegu is seen being chased by police at 9:00Pm.

Police reportedly fired thrice as the student ran for dear life. But he returned about 25 minutes later and tried to charge at one of the police officers. Police later chased him towards Centenary Bank near Lumumba Hall from where he was found beaten to a pulp.

Makerere University Guild President, Julius Kateregga, who was allowed to watch the CCTV footage corroborated the narrations.

Tegu, who was a son of a police officer, was beaten outside the Students’ Centre that also houses Centenary Bank in Makerere Zone V near Lumumba hall of residence. Police have so far arrested 13 people including three security guards and 10 youths who are children to Makerere University administrative and support staff, alleged to have participated in the beating.

However, what remains unanswered is why the police raided St. Augustine and confiscated the footage recorded on the night of his murder, instead of allowing the Church authorities to share it with the media and public, as if there is something they are trying to cover up.

There are also rumours that Tegu could have been actually shot to death, reason why the police ensured that he was quickly buried shortly after being dumped at Mulago Hospital where he was announced dead, without allowing access to relatives and friends to check on him.

Watch this space for details!      

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