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Why Women Should Drink Water Before Sex

By Our Reporter

A woman needs enough water in the body if she is to enjoy sex. This is because water has several benefits that make lovemaking an enjoyable venture.

Here are some of the reasons why all women should drink enough water before sex. It’s that simple; if you want to be a sex machine you want to be a well-oiled sex machine, but unlike machines, human bodies take water as opposed to oil.

Reduces sweat stink

The way you smell during sex will determine if you will be laid again or you will have to look for an alternative man. Take enough water to neutralize the toxins and salt in your sweat that causes the bad smell. You can light as many lavender scented candles as you want, when you are naked and sweaty there is going to be a smell. If you are well hydrated your sweat will have higher water content and will have less salt and other toxins your skin emits through sweat glands which cause body odor.

Increased libido

Enough water ensures that your cells function optimally. You will have enough oxygen in your body and increased blood flow. This helps your sex organ to function well. Your cells need water to function too. With more water you get healthier cells that can transport oxygen through your body and brain. It also helps your metabolism. This gives you both physical and mental energy that can be put to use in the bedroom.

Being hydrated will cause your body to relieve stress hormones because your body goes into survival mode which throws off sexual hormones like testosterone. Increased blood flow is also necessary for sexual organs and the best solution for this is drinking plenty of water.

More Body Fluids

When it comes to lubrication all natural is always the most convenient way to go. You can always quickly dry off, but stopping things and grabbing a bottle of lube can be a bummer. Saliva is also fantastic lubricant, and your body can only make it if you give it enough water. Semen is obviously water based, so staying hydrated will increase amount and even lighten the taste and smell of body fluids.

Better Skin/ Moist Lips

Dry flaky skin is not ideal for groping and nobody wants to kiss dry cracked lips. Having cracked lips can put a damper on any make out session as well. If you want succulent lips and soft skin, drink more water. Kissing is an important part of sex. Offer cracked lips to your man and they will start looking for a better option.

Less Muscle Fatigue

Going all night long can be exhausting. By repairing your muscle tissue through increased blood flow your recovery time is going to be faster than ever. This means from the gym earlier, sex the night before from muscles are 75% water, you can’t go wrong here.

If you plan to have intercourse for long hours, your muscle tissue needs adequate oxygen supply. This is only possible if you drink several litres of water that will help your muscles repair quickly reducing fatigue.

More flexible

Guess what the main ingredient in your tendons and ligaments are? Water! It also makes up the lubricant between joints called synovial fluid. The ligaments and tendons do benefit whenever you drink water. Be flexible in bed by using this natural gift and remember alcoholics need more water.

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