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Video of Young Lady Begging Hawker for Kiss while in Traffic Causes a stir online

 In a video that emerged on social media recently, a drunk Nigerian lady could be seen begging a street hawker for a kiss – The lady was in a car and someone was filming her as she called the street hawker as if she wanted to patronise him, after which she grabbed and begged him to kiss her.

The drunk lady also told the street hawker that she would like to be slept with.

A video has emerged in which a drunk lady can be seen grabbing a street hawker and begging him for a kiss. In the video which was shared on Instagram by one Media Gist, the lady who was inside a car, called the hawker as if she was going to buy something from him, and when the man obliged, the lady grabbed him and requested for a kiss.

The man was shocked by the lady’s demand and told her that he does not know what she was talking about. “Hawker, I want to kiss you. Kiss the hungry me.” the lady said. Apart from begging the street hawker for a kiss, the young lady also told him that she would like to be slept with. Social media users took to the comment section to share their thoughts on the video. Instagram user Slimberry_01 wrote: “But this is not funny, it’s harassment. If the tables were turn now…” Official_kahlan1 wrote: “She’s high on something.” Sagircarpenter wrote: “My Muhammad namesake did not let us down. Not all of us are desperate to kiss anything. Buy in every market there is a mad person.

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