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Top 10 Careers with Highest Cheating Rate in Uganda

Cheating in relationships is not something to hide nowadays. What are the causes of cheating?? Well one of reasons that could matter is the career of your partner. There are careers with very high cases of cheating and divorces, this will make you think twice that however much you trust your partner, his/her career will have big influence whether marriage will be a success. The following are the careers with highest cheating and infidelity cases


9. Entertainment and actors

These are no doubt among the top in the list.


This is an obvious selection. Working late night and serving people who drink large amount of alcohol will expose more likelihood of being tempted to cheat. Bartender are very attractive and forced to wear design clothes to attract customers, this will increase the chances of cheating as most men will aim to have a bite. Have 18 percent probability to cheat

7. Entrepreneur and Business Men

These may hide in the name of Business meeting, talking to clients and making order but in real sense talking to other partner. Handling so many people while transacting increases chances of cheating. They have a probability of 20% to cheat.

6. Administrative Assistants

90%percent of administrative assistants are women. There is tendency of them cheating with their bosses in order to secure their jobs. This is something difficult to resist in order to secure job. They have a probability of 25% to cheat.

5. House helps

This makes a shocking appearance but it is true. Having cute lady as house helps is more of a threat. House helps Treat bosses with love and some even access bedroom for cleaning. With weakness of men, the probability of cheating is high with maids desperate to make an extra cent. Househelps have 30 % probability to cheat

4. Medical Careers including nurses and Doctors

The number of doctors and nurses taking advantage of sick patients to utilize them in bed is something not to smile. Gynecologist are now threats to peoples’ wives and one has to accompany partner to receive such services or else anything can happen. Example is just recently in Kenya where Mugo Wairimu rapes unconscious client.

3.Special Forces such as Police and Military

These are a punch of ‘Team Mafias’, They have from past had reputation of using women and dumping them. They have probability of 40 percent to cheat


This is rather interesting career to land in. One of the most surprising professions to land on this list, makes its way to the very top. Teachers are reportedly one of the most common professions with the highest percentage of people who cheat on their significant others. They have a probability of 37 percent to cheat.


Psychologist’s research on why men cheat determined that the more power a man is given, the higher probability that he will cheat. He says that this is due to three factors, including a high income, extensive travel, and routine interaction with highly appealing and desirable people in professional settings. In that context, it makes them ego-centric and always want to try new things. They have 45 percent probability to cheat

Informally, Boda boda operators rank position 1 and are normally labelled team mafias





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