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Publics Africa Commences I’m An Agripreneur Youth Programme To Boost Agribusiness In Uganda

By Our Reporter

As a way of encouraging youth to engage in agriculture and to boost agricultural production through brand development and communication in Uganda’s agribusiness sector, Publics Africa Communications,  one of the top Public Relations firms in Uganda, has rolled out the ‘I am an Agriprenuer Youth Programme’ and is calling for applications from all interested youth from all over Uganda.

While announcing the commencement of the programme during a presser held Sunday, Joseph Kanyamunyu, the Managing Director, Publics Africa communications said this project is aimed at empowering youth through creating employment opportunities, yet ensuring food security in the country.  

“We believe that in order to promote food security and tackle the youth unemployment problem in Uganda and beyond, we will have to start building agribusiness brands and subsequently professionalise young farmers and farming organizations which are key to sustainability.”

Mr. Kanyamunyu revealed that the management of Publics Africa is already receiving applications, which will be scrutinized by a panel of experts before the participants in the programme are selected.

It should be noted that the ‘Iam an Agripreneur’ programme is an initiative of Publics Africa Communications, which is aimed at encouraging engagement in modernized agriculture practices mainly for commercial purposes.

An innovation of Publics Africa Communications, this new programme is bent on giving youth a platform to present innovations in agricultural technology, share expert knowledge about modernizing agriculture and develop a saleable/ marketable product and standards. They are working with an objective of convincing the agribusiness practitioners at embracing agriculture not only as a means of food security but also as a creator of employment opportunities.

It should be noted unlike a few years ago when Public Relations and agriculture were not directly related, the recent past has shown that actually the two sectors  need each other in order to function properly and promote Uganda’s agricultural muscle while promoting sustainable ventures in Agriculture for the Youth and women.

All Ugandans who wish to participate in the programme should like follow the I Am An Agriprenuer social media pages (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram) or send a request via mail to for details on how to apply. 

Eligibility Criteria

  • To apply, eligible candidates (young people and women aged 18 to 35 with a passion for agriculture) will be invited to submit an agribusiness innovation project that is looking to improve food production and nutrition security and that project should have metamorphosised into a business and addresses the following stages of a genuine business practice. Agribusiness;
  • Determined services & products
  • Has sourced the right financing
  • Appropriate licenses (traceability number. Trading licenses, soil testing Land/ physical address)
  • A business plan (sustainability plan) do not run from the sector after they win.
  • Hired employees ( could be family members)

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