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MK Publishers Unveil e-Learning Platform For Quality Online Education

By Keefa Nuwahereza

In a bid to provide the best online education, MK Publishers, in conjunction with Avance International University School of Education, have unveiled the MK e-Learning Platform, which aims at giving leaners an opportunity to attain total quality and holistic education.

If you are a parent, teacher or school looking for quality online education, the MK e-Learning  Platform is the best answer for  all your questions, because the platform is designed in such a way that it follows the Ugandan Primary and Secondary curricula.

How to join the MK e-Learning Platform

This website has established that the administrators of MK e-learning Platform are rolling out the online study programme in phases, whereby the First Phase, which is currently running, caters for Primary Seven candidates.

The Second Phase, which will cater for Primary Six and lower classes will be rolled out in December, while the Third Phase, which will cater for Secondary School students will be rolled out in January 2021.

The MK e-learning Platform’s main objective is to give learners an opportunity to learn from everywhere at any time, at their convenience and comfort.

What you will find on the MK e-learning platform

Registering For MK e-Learning Platform

All you have to do to register for the study programme, which is available on the  Moodle Mobile Application  is the following;

1-Go to

2-Click the Sign Up Icon to Register

3-Provide Details and verify them through your email.

4-Log into the Platform

5-Select your Study Package and enjoy the Learning Experience.

We have since established that MK e-Learning Platform is offering free 4 lessons per week for early subscribers and the offer is to last for only a specific period.

Payment Packages

In order to make the programme affordable and tenable to parents and guardians, the following payment packages are available for the MK e-learning  Platform;

Studying Per Week———–Ugx44,000

Studying Per Month———–Ugx132,000

Studying Per Term————–Ugx316,800

It should be noted that all packages will include Mathematics, English, Science and Social Studies lessons, being taught by qualified teachers.

All you need to know about MK Publishers Ltd

What You Need

All you need to be able to study online through the MK e-Learning Platform are;

i)MK Text Books

ii) A Laptop, Computer, Tablet or Smartphone

iv) Internet Connectivity

v) Headphones with a microphone

It is important to note that the mission of the MK e-Learning Platform is to be the best academic online school resource to Uganda through offering total quality holistic education, providing an extended platform to students, teachers and schools at primary and secondary levels, making Ugandan Education accessible to learners wherever they are.

The programme also aims at improving the quality of learning, making it easy, interactives and enjoyable.

MK Publishers Limited is a private limited liability  company which was incorporated in Kampala, Uganda, on 25th January 1995. The company has its Head Office in Kampala and has grown over the years.

MK Publishers is one of the leading Primary and Secondary School book publishing houses in East and Central Africa, with over 2,000 book titles covering among others, the whole range of textbooks in the Primary  and Secondary curricula.

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