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How ‘Luggage Carrier’ Ssali Duped NTV’s Nakazibwe That He’s Doctor In UAE Before Chewing Her Sompyo

By Elite Reporter

Shocking secrets about how Umar Ssali, hitherto a luggage carrier, duped NTV star Faridah Nakazibwe that he is medical doctor in the United Arab Emirates have leaked to this website.

It should be noted that Ssali hooked Nakazibwe in 2015 and secretly wed her at a private ceremony that was held in Dubai, shortly after she had separated with her former lover Al-Hajji Moses Kigongo, who is the National Resistance Movement (NRM) Vice Chairperson.

Hajji Moses Kigongo who was dumped by Faridah Nakazibwe after she was duped by Omar Ssali

Ssali and Nakazibwe held a secret wedding in Dubai purportedly because Kigongo wanted to revenge against her for dumping him and had allegedly vowed not to allow the wedding the take place in Uganda.

However, former NTV presenter Justin Nameere came out this week and revealed in a video she shared on Youtube that Ssali is a ‘Mufere’ trickster, who duped Nakazibwe into dumping Kigongo and dishing out her Beans to him, yet in actual sense he was not a doctor, but a common ‘Nkuba kyeyo’  (Hustler) like most Ugandans who are in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.

Indeed it was not long before word started circulating that  Ssali is not actually a medical doctor in Dubai but a luggage career at Dubai International airport.

Sources say that Ssali is employed by one of the top Cargo service providers in the UAE and his major assignment is to make sure that clients’ luggage reaches their destinations in great shape without sustaining any damages within the airport.

For this job, Ssali earns between Shs1.3 million to Shs1.7 million (net). On top of the monthly pay, he also gets an allowance of $100 a month, free shelter, food and transport to work (airport).

When Nakazibwe learnt that she had been duped by Ssali and that he had even been hitting on Nameere and other babes behind her (Nakazibwe’s) back, she reacted by dumping him like a hot potato, before she pulled off their wedding ring and even deleted all the pictures they had taken together from her social media platforms.

Actually, in 2018 Ssali was meant return to Uganda to officially visit Nakazibwe’s parents in Masaka at a function that was meant to double as her ‘Kwanjula’ but he never showed up, to the disappointment of several visitors that attended the do.

Nakazibwe, who hosts the Mwasuze Mutya programme and is also a news anchor on NTV, has since remained tight-lipped about her marriage and love life with Ssali!  

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