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Goons Invade Bwanda Sisters Convent, Rob & Rape Nuns

By Elite News Reporter

The police and sister security agencies in Masaka District are hunting for a gang of horny goons who invaded the Banabikira Sisters convent in Bwanda, on Thursday night, where they allegedly raped several Sisters, before robbing them of a yet to be identified sum of money and other valuables.

According to our sources, the ruthless goons started terrorizing the helpless nuns at around 1:00Am after they jumped over the convent’s perimeter walls and broke into their rooms.

On top of stealing money, laptops, smartphones,  flat screens and other valuables, the police reveal that the goons also vandalized the and stole the CCTV cameras that were at the convent, including the hard disks and backup systems, in a bid to erase evidence of their attack.

We have since established that the security committee for Kalungu West which comprises of area legislator Joseph Sewungu, Greater Masaka Regional Police Commander Enoch Abaine and others has since kicked off investigations after visiting the scene.

Hajjat Sarah Nanyanzi, the Kalungu   deputy Resident District Commissioner (DRDC), said that “The police shall do everything possible to ensure that the criminals are arrested and charged for their offences.”

She assured the Sisters at Bwanda convent that President Yoweri Museveni has already been briefed about the matter and he directed the police plus other security agencies to hunt down the attackers.

Sister Bernadette Nambalilwa, who spoke on behalf of the Mother Superior, said that; “The men were demanding for money. We told them we didn’t have money. That all we had were pictures of Jesus and Hail Mary. But they just kept brutalizing us!”

She added that the thugs just kept beating and terrorizing them as they ransacked the entire convent for all valuables, before they fled.

However, by the time of filing this article, the police and Catholic Church in Uganda were yet to issue an official statement about the attack.

We shall keep you posted about new developments.

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