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Global Bishops welcomed by  UCU

Uganda Christian University (UCU) hosted a delegation of 60 bishops from the Global South Fellowship of Anglican Bishops. The bishops, on a visit to the UCU Main Campus in Mukono, engaged with university management, led by Vice Chancellor Prof. Aaron Mushengyezi.
The goal of their visit was to learn about the university’s rich academic legacy. The group met with university officials, led by vice-chancellor Prof. Aaron Mushengyezi.
The bishops expressed their appreciation with recent campus enhancements such as newly paved and rebuilt pathways, refurbished infrastructure, and newly created buildings. Many of the visiting bishops, who are UCU alumni, reminisced about their academic path as they wandered over the campus, admiring the rich flora and pristine atmosphere.
The conference provided an opportunity for meaningful encounters and the deepening of relationships between the Global South Fellowship of Anglican Bishops and Uganda Christian University.
The event saw the Global South Fellowship of Anglican Bishops’s Chairman, Bishop Alfred Oluwa, express gratitude to his alma institution for developing him into the leader he is today.
During the gathering, Vice Chancellor Prof Aaron Mushengyezi took the bishops on a journey through UCU’s history, beginning with Bishop Tucker Theological College and ending with Uganda’s first private chartered university in 2004.
He highlighted the institution’s strong religious roots and offered experiences, such as Principal’s Hall functioning as a supply store for troops during the Liberation War of 1978.
Mushengyezi emphasized UCU’s commitment to academic innovation, particularly its rapid transition to online education during the epidemic.
He also praised the university’s athletic capabilities, citing Ndejje University as its closest competition.
Looking ahead, Prof Mushengyezi discussed UCU’s next projects, which include the construction of a new food court, business center, and administration building, all aimed at improving student experience and support services.
The event not only enhanced UCU’s relationship with The Global South Fellowship, but also provided a forum for mutual learning and collaboration in the quest of academic and spiritual excellence.