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Bad Black reveals bitter secrets about SB4 and Ann Taylor

Media personality Ann Taylor confirmed her breakup with YouTuber SB4 Media.
She revealed that the two can never get back together in marriage, but they can continue cooperating as the father and mother of their twin children.
“It’s not a stunt; the fact is that we broke up, and we are no longer together. This is an assurance from me that I have moved on,” Ann Taylor said in an interview with Ruth Kalibala.
Now, Bad Black revealed that SB4 Media is in love with a London-based chic who promised to sponsor his travel to the Queen’s Land.
He is apparently processing paperwork to travel to London and start a new life there with the loaded chic.
“SB4 has been distracted by the woman who wants to take him to London. He has forgotten everything he went through with Ann Taylor, and all his focus is on the new woman,” she partly said in a video making rounds on social media.