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Byran White Orders Balaam Not To Step At His Funeral, Socialite Turns To Rosary As Last Resort

By Keefa Nuwahereza

Once popular socialite Brian Kirumira aka Bryan White, who is currently bedridden, has ordered city businessman Balaam Barugahara  not to dare go  to his home under the guise of checking on him and to never attend his funeral if he eventually died.

Bryan White was last week transferred from Nakasero Hospital back to his home in Buziga after he failed to respond to treatment, following days of terrible illnesss.

Bryan White, pictured with singer Apass, is bedridden and has resorted to praying the Holy Rosary for divine intervention

Radio Personality Isaac Katende aka Kasuku revealed on his YouTube channel that Bryan White’s condition is not good at all and therefore people should not misinterpret his situation. He added and stressed that he (Bryan White) does not need any help from Promoter Baalam.

“Many people ate his money and you are now on social media saying that he is pretending. Bryan White also told me that Balaam shouldn’t dare visit him. Even if the president wants to help him through Balaam, he would rather die,” Kasuku said.

Moles who have seen him lately reveal that the once flamboyant Bryan White has since resorted to praying the holy rosary 24/7 and is often telling those who go to visit him that it is the last hope he has.

One of the people who visited Bryan White over the weekend was celebrated singer Alex Bagonza aka Apass, who asked all Ugandans to pray for him.

“I have never seen a brother in so much pain, guys. Please put my brother Bryan White in your prayers because he is fighting for his life every minute,” Apass wrote on social media over the weekend.

He added that; “… even if you want to judge him do that later. I was humbled to be allowed to pay him a visit at his home but he is in bad shape but strong at heart and I pray he stays that way and gets well.”

It should however be noted that although Balaam was the one who saved Bryan White from jail after he was arrested last year over failure pay a debt he owed to Cpt. Mike Mukula,  the two are currently loggerheads, beefing bitterly.

Bryan White accuses Balaam of being behind all his troubles, chief among which is orchestrating a plot that saw him (Bryan White) thrown out of State House, hence losing all the favours he had gotten from President Yoweri Museveni.

It should however be noted that Bryan White was last month summoned by the Parliamentary Committee on Human Rights to answer to allegations lodged by three of his former female employees under the Bryan White Foundation, who accuse him of drugging and sexually abusing them.

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