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Bryan White ‘Bought’ ‘Sex Slave’ Nandawula From FUFA Boss

By Elite Reporter

New secrets unearthed by  this Website indicate that  Stella Nadawula, the girl who accuses socialite Brian Kirumira aka Bryan White of allegedly sexually abusing and torturing her, was once a Side-dish for an a senior official of FUFA.

Nandawul came out recently and alleged that Bryan White has been sexually abusing and torturing her ever since he hired her as  Personal Secretary cum Sex Slave, to the extent she has been forced to abort twice.

Bryan White (with cape) and Stella Nandawula (brown bag) going abroad for holiday

However, information from Moles is that before Bryan White hooked or ‘bought’ Nandawula, she was deeply involved with the said top FUFA boss.

According to reports, by the time Bryan White hired Nandawula as the Secretary Bryan White Foundation (BWF), she was enjoying passionate rendezvous with a top official at FUFA and it is him that he reportedly paid millions of Shillings such that he could take possession of her as his personal property, from which emanated the abuse she has been suffering since her purchase.

Stella Nandawula during her days at Bryan White Foundation

We have also learnt that the FUFA official hails from Eastern Uganda and is married to another babe, a socialite.

We are told that before Bryan White came into the picture, Nandawula and the FUFA official had been  in touch for a long time and often met to catch up at top city night spot, until he officially handed her over to Bryan White.

Stella Nandawula accuses Bryan White of torture and sexual abuse

When Bryan White and Nandawula had first become an item, he attempted to keep their romping affair a top secret by parading her as his personal secretary, whom he always fronted during the public gatherings at which he donated goodies and some money to ghetto youth.

Bryan White and Stella Nandawula in bed

It should be noted that she was appointed BWF secretary by the foundation CEO after having joined as an usher at their events.

Stella Nandawula as she looked after allegedly being assaulted by Bryan White

Later, she however became so indulged into Bryan White’s personal life that whenever he was travelling abroad for holiday or retreat Nandawula would be his companion.

Bryan White with Nandawula and a friend on celebrating Christmas last year

However, Nandawula is not the only girl who has accused Bryan White of sexual abuse and torture; watch this space for more of his shocking accusation from other girls!

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