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8 Awesome Benefits of Avocado

There’s a reason why most organic vegetarian breakfasts include avocados and all kinds of meals that use avocados one way or another. This majestic stone fruit rocks a wonderful creamy texture that goes well with about anything starting from crunchy toasts and ending with a nutritious green smoothie. Historians believe that we, humans, have been eating avocados for more than 5,000 years now, which means even ancient people knew about its wonderful benefits and nutritional value. Here are 8 awesome benefits of avocado that will inspire you to experiment with it as much as possible.

It improves your skin
Packed with fatty acids, vitamins C, E, as well as a bunch of antioxidants, avocados can become a perfect remedy for all kinds of skin problems if you pair them with a balanced diet. Consuming avocados will soften your skin and moisturize its cells. And yes, avocados are really tasty to top it all!

It’s great for your hair
Avocado oil is great not only for your skin, but for hair as well! Make a night mask with a mashed up avocado and massage it lightly into your scalp. Leave it for around 20 minutes and then rinse with water. Avocado oil moisturizes dry scalp, helps restore split ends, and gives your hair that natural shine that can’t be achieved with any chemical beauty product.

It improves your breath
More often than not bad breath originates in your stomach, and that’s when avocado juice will come in handy. It’s great for both cleansing your mouth and your intestines, removing the microbes that cause bad breath and preventing oral cancer at the same time.

It’s good for your heart
Avocado is packed with all kinds of goodies, including monounsaturated fats that are extremely good for your heart. Studies show that this type of fat lowers the levels of ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol and prevents a number of heart diseases. The benefits of this fruit have no end!

It’s good for babies
Pregnant women need to consume folic acid to prevent deformities in unborn babies. Folic acid helps form all the organs, which means soon-to-be mothers need to consume up to 600 mcg of folic acid per day. It just so happens that avocados are packed with it! A cup of raw avocado offers around 60 mcg of folic acid and should definitely be included in a pregnant woman’s diet.

It helps skin heal faster
Avocados are packed full with amino acids that improve cell growth and are really beneficial for reducing age spots as well as healing burns and slight scars. Glutamine that is also present in avocados helps protect skin from forces of nature and rejuvenate it in the most efficient way.

It helps lose weight
Avocados are not only tasty, but also very filling. You feel full after eating even a small avocado with toast and some veggies because the fruit is packed with healthy fats. As a result, your appetite is reduced, your stomach also feels nice due to avocado oils, and you don’t gain weight by eating avocados as they are low in carbs. It’s a win-win!

It makes your bones healthier
Not many people know about vitamin K that is crucial when it comes to bones’ formation and their health. As we grow older our calcium absorption gets worse, and this is where the mysterious vitamin K enters the game, making it much easier for our bodies to make use of that calcium. And guess what? Eating one avocado per day will supply you with 40% of your daily dose of vitamin K!

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