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11 Tips for Losing Stomach Fat Fast

Every body is a bikini body, but the stomach area is still a weight loss target for many folks around the world. But belly fat isn’t just something that we’re insecure about. It’s a harmful kind of fat known as visceral fat, and puts people at risk for heart disease, diabetes, and more.

To feel more confident about your abdominal area and your overall health, follow these must-know tips on how to shed weight quickly.

1. Fiber is key

Consume tons of fibrous foods, from steel cut oatmeal and flax scenes to avocados and Brussel sprouts. Fiber keeps your digestive system regular, which can also aid in losing weight. The kind of fiber is key too – you’ll want to look for soluble fiber when shopping.

2. Get to the cardio

Working out should be a part of everyone’s routine, but doing cardio exercises specifically is an effective way to lose fat and reveal those abs. Aerobic exercise is your friend, and should be performed before weights.

3. Strength/resistance training doesn’t bulk, it trims

Many people think that gaining muscle mass means bulking up, but weights are a fantastic way to get trim and toned. As a matter of fact, they complement most cardio routines, and can be completed in conjunction if you want that tummy tight and flat.

4. Put down the cocktail

Having that extra glass of wine is more impactful than you think. Alcohol doesn’t just make you Gian weight all over – it has a bias towards the stomach area. There’s a reason they call it a beer gut. If you cut back on your drinking, your waist size will likely decrease.

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