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why Bobi Wine’s fled his Family from his Country to abroad just a week to elections

Members of Kyadondo East Member of Parliament Robert Kyagulanyi’s family are currently at the Entebbe International Airport and are about to Flee to the Texas, US aboard Qatar airways.

The family including Bobi Wine’s four children are being led by their aunt, Kyomuhimbo Asiimwe Jolly and their uncle, Rubahamya Baron at the airport ahead of their flight this evening. Kyomuhimbo and Ruhahamya are Barbie’s siblings.

The children who are at the airport fleeing the country are; Kyagulanyi Sekayi Solomon Kampala, Mbogo Shadrack, Namagembe Shalom and Suubi Shine Nakayi.

Bobi Wine’s family is headed to the address: 1502 Enclave PKY APT 713 Houston Texas 77077 and Fort Bliss, Texas-US Army Garrison 1741 Marshall Road. It is said that the family will be staying with one of Barbie’s sisters who is in the army in Texas. Apparently, Barbie is expected to join them at a later date. It is not clear why Bobi Wine’s Family is leaving the country days before the January 14 election in which Bobi Wine is a presidential candidate!

It should, however, be remembered that as as Uganda goes to the polls, opposition groups have been mobilizing their supporters for violent demonstrations in case they lose the election. 

It is not clear why Bobi Wine is sending his children out of the country a week to the polls

More details to follow…

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