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water crisis hits Mukono as people use the contaminated water for drinking, bathing and other domestic needs.

Communities in mukono district are sharing water sources with livestock following the shortage of clean water sources.  The residents use the contaminated water for drinking, bathing and other domestic needs.

The highly affected places are villages in Gulu ward in Mukono central division, where by most of the natural wells have started drying up and due to the settlements sorounding them.

The residents in these affected villages said that the problem comes from some of the landlords who are selling off their land, to new dwellers, who in the end block the community from accessing the wells.

The residents put the blame Mukono municipality leaders for discouraging them from using spring wells, without giving them the alternative water sources,

They also pointed out the issue of local area chairmen who just sell off plots of land without considering natural wells in the sold plots.

The local area leaders led by Ngandu village chairman Kitenda Ibrahim, asked government to cut down taxes on water and electricity, to enable them run the community water points.

when Mukono municipality Mayor George Fred Kagimu revealed that, medical experts in Mukono discovered that all wells in Mukono municipality are contaminated due to the toilets build around them.

Kagimu therefore urged national water to consider setting up water points for cheap and safe water in growing towns.

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