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Wake Up: How To Know You’re Settling for Less In Your Love Life

By Elite Reporter

Being in a relationship can have its fair share of ups and downs, as not every single moment with your partner is going to be amazing. But how do you know if you’re settling for less in your relationship? Since all relationships can have their challenges, it’s important to be able to recognize the five key signs that you’re settling for less than you deserve.

You’re With This Person for the Wrong Reasons

When you find yourself settling for less, you’re likely with your partner for the wrong reasons. For instance, if you’re in a relationship with this person because you’re afraid of being alone, you’re feeling peer pressure from those around you, or because you feel obligated to stay because you’ve been together for a prolonged period of time, you’re clearly settling for less in your relationship. You should have a strong desire in your heart to be with your partner, but if your reasons to stay together come from a place of fear rather than a place of love, it’s time to end this relationship and move on for good in every way.

 You’re Treated Poorly

Another key indicator is that your partner tends to treats you badly. For example, if your partner is often disrespectful, rude, and always puts his or her needs over yours, you’re clearly settling for and accepting less than you deserve from a mate. Specifically, if your partner is physically, verbally, or emotionally abusive in any way, you’re clearly in the wrong relationship, and you should end it immediately. A partner should treat you with respect, compassion, and gratitude, but if he or she is controlling, manipulative, and toxic to be around, it’s time to say goodbye once and for all.

You’re Unhappy

It’s not uncommon to find yourself unhappy more often than not. And if you’re staying with someone even though you don’t enjoy being with him or her, you don’t feel a real connection, and you find yourself actively going out of your way to spend time away from him or her, it’s apparent that you’re choosing to settle. Relationships have natural ebbs and flows, but if you’re fed up with your partner and don’t enjoy being around him or her, this relationship should end. While it may be hard, it’s time to be extremely honest with yourself and evaluate your true feelings about your partner.

If you see yourself happier without this person in your life but you’re still choosing to stay with him or her, you’re actually choosing to settle in your relationship.

 You’re Not Your True Self

An important sign that you’re settling is that you’re not your authentic self when you’re with your partner. For example, if you’re faking interests in pastimes and activities, lying about your past, or feeling as though you’re playing a role when you’re around him or her, it’s apparent that you’re choosing to settle rather than finding a mate who appreciates the real you. Being your true self is at the heart of any long-lasting, successful, meaningful, and healthy relationship, but if you’re afraid to express your true thoughts and feelings and don’t want to reveal things about yourself to your partner, you should look for a new relationship with someone who will get to know, appreciate, and love the real you.

 You’re Compromising Too Much

It’s not uncommon to feel that you have to give up too many of your hopes, dreams, and priorities because of your partner. And while you can certainly compromise with him or her about where to go to brunch, what type of ice cream to buy, or what show to watch on Netflix, it’s another thing to give up on important dreams and life goals in order to appease him or her. For example, if you truly want to have children but your partner never does, staying with him or her despite this is a form of settling for less.

You deserve to be in a relationship with someone who shares and supports these types of major life choices, and you shouldn’t have to compromise to a point where you lose sight of what your priorities in life truly are.

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