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Valentine’s Day drama: Slay Queen escapes through a window after being busted with a married man –

In the video, the Slay Queen who is obviously a side chick was escaping from a married man’s room through the window.

A funny video of a Slay Queen has surfaced on social media and it is being shared crazily by a number of people who find it hilarious. The well-dressed and pretty lady was banging the married man in the absence of his wife when she suddenly came home.

To avoid the shame that comes with being caught with a married man on his matrimonial bed, the young lady who is in her 20s fled through the window.

Irrespective of the fact that the window was a small size, the young lady was able to squeeze through and landed outside like the “Terminator”. Unlucky for her, nosy neighbors were there and they captured everything on camera.

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