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URA to pursue vehicle owners who break the law on temporary road license.

The Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) has started hunting for vehicle owners who violate the law regarding temporary road licenses.
A temporary road license is issued to people intending to come into Uganda with a foreign registered vehicle or Ugandans working abroad with valid work permits.
The authority said inan issued statement that a cleanup is currently ongoing around the country to catch culprits misusing these regulations.
Last week, 11 high value vehicles that included Jeeps, Hummers and BMW X6 from the areas of Kabalagala, Kololo, Ntinda, Munyonyo, Entebbe and Ggaba were impounded by the URA intelligence team.
They were netted Foreign registered vehicles are allowed to operate in the country after they have obtained a three-month (90 days) temporary importation form whose period cannot be extended. Once these 90 days elapse, they are supposed to return to their countries however, most foreign registered vehicles continue to operate on Uganda roads even after the expiry of the licenses.
Many Ugandans returning for holidays from countries such as South Sudan, South Africa, Rwanda and Kenya, bring in vehicles with foreign number plates and leave them here without paying importation taxes as other owners of these vehicles sell them or fix local number plates.
The tax authority said it is committed to cracking the vice to ensure that every Ugandan pays their share of the revenue.
According to Customs Law, if a vehicle is impounded for flouting the regulation, the owner pays a fine and is thereafter ordered to take the car back to the country of origin.

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