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Tayebwa opposes EU MPs over LGBTQ rights.

A Ugandan delegation in Mozambique led by the deputy speaker Thomas Tayebwa have opposed plans by pro-gay nations to impose the promotion of homosexuality and abortion as new conditions for trade and aid relationships with the European Union.

The delegation is attending the ongoing 61st session of the Organization of the African, Caribbean and Pacific States Parliamentary Assembly (OACPS PA) and 42nd Session of the ACP-European Union joint Parliamentary Assembly (ACP-EU JPA) in Maputo City, Mozambique.

The joint sitting was on Monday 31, officially opened by Mozambique President, Filipe Nyusi who commended the organization for its prime role in the economic and social development of its member states.

Nyusi called upon participating member states to focus more on the climate agenda and how to deal with risks related to Natural disasters.

Tayebwa said member countries are also engaging on the post Cotonou agreement which governs the ACP-EU relations.

Diplomatic, trade and aid relationships between the European Union and ACP states are governed by the Cotonou Agreement.

Tayebwa expressed deep concern over calls by the EU to adopt homosexuality by the ACP countries, a development he said Uganda would vehemently reject.

“We are demanding that we broadly define the issue of human rights. We have discovered that with the Post Cotonou agreement, there are hidden clauses around human rights. Clauses to do with Sexuality, promotion of LGBT/homosexuality and clauses to do with abortion,” he said.

Tayebwa said such practices are un-African and while “the EU is demanding that we take a certain route, they should also know the character of our society”.

Representatives from the pro-gay nations insist on an amendment to the ACP-EU rules to have the debate on the rights of homosexuals even after objections from African members.

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