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Singer Alien Skin arrested like a  thief.

Just after performing at the Masaza Cup Finals and heading to the parking lot to get his Bike and ride off, rising singer Alien Skin was grabbed by Military operatives and driven away to Kibuye Police station for some answers, here we give you the full essence of what happened.
Basing on a video clip making rounds on social media, Patrick Mulwana aka Alien Skin was gripped after assaulting Tonny Ntale, a bouncer, at Vox, a Makindye-based hangout leaving him with a dislocated jaw and missing teeth.
Alien is also well known for always using drugs out in the public proudly and also for always wearing Miliary uniforms, something that was recently announced illegal in Uganda.In the blink of an eye, the singer was embroiled in another scandal, as he pocketed booking fees and failed to perform in Mukono. He as well beat up a bouncer and vandalized his car before fleeing with his unruly crew.
This saw Uganda Bouncers Association (UBA) leader Umaru call out Alien Skin to apologize to all the bouncers, or else the singer risked being hunted and handed over to the authorities.
While Alien Skin was being taken away, the Police were forced to shoot a few rounds into the air to scatter the mob that had gathered behind them.

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