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Speaker Among officially declares her wealth.

Speaker of Parliament Anita Among has tasked the Inspector General of Government (IGG) to thoroughly verify declared assets by Public Servants.
This, she said, is an accountability mechanism geared towards enhancing good governance and the fight against corruption.
In her remarks made as she declared her wealth to the IGG as required by law, Speaker Among said the inspectorate should not to be swayed by surface declarations made by public officials, noting there should be deeper investigations to attach the right wealth to an individual.
“I implore you to go beyond the ceremonial declarations and do a thorough verification of the declared assets to ensure stolen money is not hidden,” Speaker Among said, noting that this greatly bolster the fight against corruption while promoting transparency.
“This exercise will also increase trust of citizens in public administration,” she added.
She also implored all legislators and staff to follow suit considering that the 11th Parliament, that she now leads, is committed to pursue transparency.
“I direct all Honorable Members of Parliament and staff of the Parliamentary Commission to follow suit and comply with the Leadership Code,” she said, adding: “As servants of the people holding offices in public trust, we are duty bound to promote a culture of transparency and accountability.”
She also advised the IGG to keenly heed the persistent calls from the public to tackle corruption.
“Respond to the cries of the citizens about corruption and take decisive action on all those who embezzle public funds regardless of rank,” she said.
Some government officials have previously declined to declare their wealth, which contravenes provisions of the law.

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