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Sensual Moves That’ll Help You Put Him In The Mood ASAP

By Our Reporter

Although most people think men are sex machines who can easily get turned on, that is not always the case.

As a wife there are times when you must have faced a situation where your man is not in the mood for sex   yet  you’re craving for it. Don’t worry, there are ways in which you can awaken the sexual desires of your husband and our relationship experts are here to help you.

What Makes Him Not Be in the mood?

Before we move on to list the ways to get your husband in the mood, it is essential that you understand why your husband may not be in the mood.

Remember, if he is unable to give you attention it does not necessarily mean that he does not love you or is having an affair with someone else.

Your husband might be physically distant from you because of the following reasons:

He might be distracted due to work pressure

He might be longing for some alone time

If you have kids, then they might have become the centre of his life

Your husband might be going through performance anxiety and therefore avoiding you

His self-esteem and confidence in his looks might have declined

He might be bored of the way you both have sex. So it seems like a routine to him

He might be genuinely tired or stressed

Whatever the reason, if you are feeling horny and want to indulge in some lovemaking, here are some tips for you;

Take The Sexual Initiative

Your husband may not say it outright, but he will surely appreciate it if you take the initiative to become physically intimate with him. If you take charge in the bedroom and create a sexy atmosphere around him, then he will obviously feel aroused and attracted to you. Women become absolutely irresistible if they take the sexual initiative and proudly display their affection towards their husbands. There are a number of ways to tell your husband that you wish to have sex.

Become His Sexy Masseuse

When you notice that your husband is not in a mood, then wear a new bra and panties to convert yourself into a sexy masseuse and help him relax. Use hot oils to give him soothing massages all over his body. As tension releases from every part of his muscles, he will obviously become ready to sexually devour you in the most memorable way ever.

Keep Instilling Ideas In His Mind

One of the simplest ways to sexually arouse your husband is by helping him picture in advance the whole sexual encounter between the two of you. Make noises, whisper sweet and sensual things into his ears, let him know what you expect in the bedroom from him and what he can expect from you, etc. All this will help him get in the mood for sex with you.

Bring Radical Change Into Your Appearance

Instead of wearing loose fitting and comfortable clothes at home, you should try to slip into something that accentuates the curves in your body and highlights your assets. You can even change the way you style your hair in order to get your husband’s attention. Any kind of radical transformation in your appearance is bound to be noticed by your husband and he will get attracted to you.

Surprise Him In The Shower

There is something steamy and sensual about the whole idea of having sex in the shower and men usually prefer sexual encounters in the shower. Therefore, quit the boring sexual routine in the bedroom and heat things up in the shower. Surprise your husband in the shower, kiss him, move your hands all over his body and in no time he will get in the mood.

Flirt With Him Through Text Messages

All through the day, you can keep sending your husband suggestive yet subtle text messages to let him know what is on your mind. Flirt with him through text messages, sound as naughty and dirty as possible so that he can anticipate about the moves you have in store for him. Even if he is not in a mood, your text messages are surely going to make your sexual advances alluring and persuasive to him.

Frankly Talk About Your Sex Life

If you often find him avoiding your advances, then you must find time and talk to him about your sex life frankly. By talking to each other, you both will be able to understand each other’s desires and needs. After that, you both can decide on new sex positions to try out and can even think about role play in order to make things more exciting in your sex life.

Take Advantage Of Adult Videos

A variety of porn videos are available online these days. So what you can do is, according to the fantasies of your husband, you can create a collection of porn videos which your husband and you can watch together. Watching the porn together will sexually arouse your husband and you both can even try the moves that you both are watching in the videos to make the whole experience more adventurous.

Use Body Language To Reflect Your Desires

You should make it a point to attract your husband using your body language. You must appear sensual and sexually appealing to him. Give your husband an affectionate and long hug, give him a long kiss on his lips, bite his ears, play with his hair or play with your hair in front of him, make sexy eye contact with him and so on. All these attempts will help get your husband in the mood.

Continuously Show Him Affection

Sometimes your husband may not become physically intimate with you because he does not feel confident about his appearance. Thus, as a wife you have to remind him continuously that you love him the way he is, you find his body hot and irresistible. Keep giving him kisses, cuddle him as and when possible and verbally keep showering him with compliments to boost his self-esteem. All this will ultimately make him feel desirable and he will also desire you.

Use food items to up the ante

Prepare a lavish dinner for your tired husband and make sure you cook the food items which are his favourites. Good food will lighten up your husband’s mood and you can eat the food in a sensuous way to grab his attention. Food items like chocolate, cream, fruits, etc. can be used imaginatively to induce passion into your love making.

Maintain Proper Hygiene

It is essential to make sure that you are always ready for physical intimacy with your husband by maintaining optimum hygiene levels, especially down there, smelling good, wearing clean clothes, looking refreshing, etc. When you look hygienic to your husband, then he will think about getting dirty with you.

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