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SACCOs Leaders Unable To Track Members Due To Lack Of Offices

lack of offices by SACCOS in Mukono is frustrating easy access to Emyooga funds by group members in Mukono.
This is not only part of the key requirements for access to funds but also leaves it difficult for SACCO leaders to track members’ activities across a span of villages for proper accountability for the funds.
While meeting area legislator, members of SACCOS that were registered for receipt of Emyooga fund expressed frustration with the process.
These say the criteria set for access to the funds is very rigid for people in rural areas such as the need to establish office.
Rosemary Nakayenze, the chairperson Mukono North women’s entrepreneurs, noted that SACCO leaders have challenges with monitoring of their members in different areas for proper assessment of members’ activities.
“For now SACCO leaders don’t have enough money to facilitate them in terms of transport while monitoring members’ activities” , said Nakayenze.
The Mukono North member of parliament Hon. Abdallah Kiwanuka said, there is also a call for microfinance support center to waive off the 30% condi

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