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Phaneroo primed for record attendance of its night of prayer.

Kampala, Uganda – 29 th November 2023. Phaneroo Ministries International (Phaneroo) has stepped
up preparations for its annual Night of Prayer event. This year, the event will be held at the KCCA
grounds in Lugogo, Kampala starting from 6pm on the 31 st of December 2023 and closing in the wee hours of 1st January 2024.
Phaneroo organizes the Night of Prayer to celebrate the wonderful blessings God has accomplished
during the year and to thank Him for the great things already lined up for the next year.
Typically, this is a night of worship and prayer as the ministry and its congregants’ usher in the new year in the presence of God.
The event is free for people from all walks of life, gender, profession, and affiliations. According to
the organizers of Night of Prayer, attendees should expect great miracles, signs, and wonders because it is the nature of God to express His love by healing the sick, opening blind eyes, opening deaf ears, aligning people to their God-ordained purposes, deliver people from all forms of ailments, and restore relationships.
According to Phaneroo’s management, tens of thousands of people are expected to attend the
event. Attendees are expected from across all parts of Uganda as well as internationally. In the
previous events, attendees have come from Kenya, Tanzania, United States of America, United
Kingdom, Malaysia, Canada, Rwanda, South Sudan, Malawi, and Northern Ireland among others.
We are conscious that some people might be unable to physically attend the event, so we have made
provision to ensure the entirety of the programme is broadcast on Manifest Television—accessible via
Star Times on channel 241, GO TV on channel 819 and Free to Air on channel 19. The
programme shall also be livestreamed on the Phaneroo YouTube channel, Facebook page and Phaneroo
radio (accessible via the Phaneroo website), said one of the key organizers of the event.
Phaneroo is a dynamic, life-transforming ministry with a vision to transform individuals, nations and the entire world with the word of God. It is led by Apostle Grace Lubega.