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Padyere county clinches victory in MTN-Ker Alur inter-county cultural football tournament.

In a thrilling showdown at Luo ground in Nebbi Municipality on Thursday, Padyere County emerged
triumphant in the MTN-Ker Alur inter-county Cultural football tournament, securing victory against
Okoro County in a penalty shootout after a full-time 2:2 draw.
The nail-biting finale saw Padyere County, initially confident after a 4:0 win against Okoro County in
their opening match, facing stiff competition. The match ended in a draw, leading to a penalty shootout,
where Padyere County sealed the win with a 4:3 scoreline.
This marked the 6th edition of the Ker Alur football competition, an annual event leading to the
coronation anniversary of Ker-Alur His Majesty Phillips Olarker Rauni III. The participating counties,
Jonam, Padyere, and Okoro, were all awarded cash prizes to support sports development in Ker Alur.
Padyere County, crowned as the champions, received the lion's share, pocketing a prize of UGX 4
million. The competing Okoro County was also recognized for their spirited performance.
During the award ceremony on November 30, 2023, Ubimo of Ker–Alur emphasized the importance of
respecting women's rights and promoting sports to unite the youth. He urged participants to consider
the rights of young girls, emphasizing the need to support their education.
In addition to the football tournament, the youth engaged in bicycle races, with Jonam County
dominating all key positions. Ms. Jenety Acibu from Kal–Paroketo claimed the top position, securing a
cash prize of UGX 1 million. Lillian Rachiu, Tinity Awekonimungu, and Gloria Awekonimungu secured the
subsequent positions with cash prizes of Shs 500,000, Shs 250,000, and Shs 200,000, respectively.
The event showcased not only the athletic prowess of the counties but also promoted cultural unity and
sportsmanship among the Ker Alur communities.