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MTN Uganda champions inclusive customer experience as the world commemorates international day of persons with disabilities.

MTN Uganda, a leading telecommunications and ICT solutions provider, reaffirms its commitment to
inclusivity as it observes the International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD) on December 3, 2023.
Underlining the global call to uphold the rights of individuals with disabilities, MTN's initiatives focus on
breaking barriers and fostering a truly connected life for everyone.
Nancy Nsubuga, Senior Manager of Service Centres and Connect Stores at MTN Uganda, highlights the
company's dedication to providing an exceptional experience for persons with disabilities.
"We believe that everybody deserves the benefits of a modern connected life," says Nsubuga. She says
the company has implemented comprehensive measures to ensure that its service centers are
accessible and welcoming to all customers.
One noteworthy feature is the installation of ramps, making it easier for customers with mobility aids,
such as wheelchairs and walking sticks, to access the service centers. Dedicated counters, specifically
designed to accommodate persons with disabilities, ensure a seamless and comfortable service process.
These counters are labeled for clear identification, allowing MTN staff to prioritize and assist these
customers efficiently.
Crucially, MTN has invested in staff training to enhance their awareness and understanding of the needs
of customers with disabilities. Agents are sensitized to identify and support these customers, ensuring
they receive personalized and efficient service. This approach not only streamlines transactions but also
establishes an emotional connection with customers, fostering a positive and lasting relationship.
Nsubuga emphasizes the significance of emotional connection, stating, "It is not all about the
transactional relationship. It is more about the emotional connection that we want to have with them."
MTN aims to create an unparalleled customer experience that extends beyond functionality, resonating
emotionally with customers.
As MTN Uganda joins the global community in commemorating IDPD, the company's initiatives reflect a commitment to social responsibility and inclusivity. The efforts underscore MTN's corporate ethos of providing unrivaled and unequaled services that stand out. The company will continue raising awareness to reinforce the message that, at MTN, everyone receives exceptional service, exemplifying a corporate commitment to inclusivity.