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LycaMobile soon shutting down operations.

LycaMobile Uganda is currently facing allegations of shutting down operations due to lower sales, but the company has not officially addressed the situation.
The UK-based Lycamobile Group entered the Ugandan market in January 2020 and launched commercial services in April of the same year. The company has been known for providing some of the most affordable data bundles in the country.
Despite its competitive offerings, LycaMobile has encountered severe outages, contributing to speculations about its potential closure. Over the weekend, numerous customers reported issues with their data bundles, sparking rumours of the company’s closure.
Notably, LycaMobile Uganda’s social media pages have remained inactive for the past two years. Upon inspecting the company’s pages, a post pinned in 2021 was found. The post clarified that the National Telecommunication Operators in Uganda had received a directive from the Uganda Communication Commission (UCC) to suspend access to social media platforms and online messaging applications, unrelated to the closure of LycaMobile Uganda.
To address the concerns, this website sent a private message to LycaMobile inquiring about their status in Uganda.
The company responded, stating, “Our company does not have any plans to leave Uganda at the moment. We are committed to serving our customers in Uganda and providing the best possible service.”
The Uganda Communication Commission (UCC), the industry regulator, has not issued any warnings regarding LycaMobile’s impending closure. UCC is obligated to inform the public and other industry stakeholders of any potential closures in the telecom space.