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NWSC has commenced a Water Treatment Plant System testing at Katosi.

Uganda government through NWSC is at the final touches upon completion of a new water treatment plant in Katosi, Mukono district 

The National water and sewerage corporation MD Dr. Silver Mugisha witnessed the testing of various water the treatment processes as work drew nearer to its completion.

While inspecting the progress of work at the site, Silver commended Suez and Sogea Satom contractors for the tremendous work done.

“I am very happy for the good work by the contractors  because water has started coming out from the lake to the treatment tanks.” Said Mr. Mugisha

Dr.silver mugish

Despite challenges like covid 19, and some logistical issues in pipe supply, the contractors have managed to catch up with the designated time.

The remaining work is to lay pipes in the gap with a distance of 500 meters, therefore by next week water will be pumped to Nsumba hill tanks. Said Eng. Mugisha.

Eng Alex Gisagara reported that, “covid-19 affected the project so much because our truck drivers who transport the pipes from Kenya are delayed at the border for covid 19 testing which takes too long.”  

He added that the prices of the pipes fluctuated due to covid-19 pandemic; they had to redo the paperwork in order to buy the remaining pipes.

Jeremie Perin said that there were a lot of challenges along the way, but they are happy that they are going to finish the work in time.

Upon completion, the Katosi plant will be the first and biggest plant in East and Central Africa using the AquaDAF and AquaZur technologies The plant which is expected to pump 240million litres per day will serve over 7.5million people in Kampala, Wakiso and Mukono up to 2040.

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