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Museveni Bans Unlawful Land Evictions In The Country.

In a letter dated Feb 28, 2022, addressed to the Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja, and using his powers under Article 98(1) and 99(1) of the Constitution that permits him to ensure good governance and protect the Constitution.

The President directed that; no eviction should be allowed to take place in a district without the consent and direct observation of the district security committee chaired by the RDCs / RCCs and direct consultation with the Minister of Lands.

It adds that Museveni also directed that if ‘illegal’ evictions are carried out, the members of the District Security Committee will all be held accountable and action will be taken against them.

Museveni only exempted the UPDF representatives who he said might not be in the know of the substance of the issues involved.

In the same letter, Museveni also requested the Chief Justice Alfonse Owinyi-Dollo to prevail upon judges and magistrates who he said violate the Constitution by illegally allowing the eviction of people in collusion with land grabbers.

“He further directed the Minister of Lands to inform the Attorney General about such abuses by judicial officers so that legal action can be taken against them,” Kirunda writes.

Vulnerable people across the country have been victims of land evictions by the rich and those in high power full offices with support from the RDCs, Police and UPDF.

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