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Dear Women, You are not forgotten heroines, we celebrate you! (A must read)

By Muhimbise George

Today, I join the rest of the world to celebrate the International Women’s day.

To my mum, wife, sisters, daughters & most importantly friends, especially those that have offered to address me as their son in respect & recognition of the work I do in the struggle for a better Uganda, I love you all.

To the women in Uganda & allover the world, this is your message as you celebrate your day.

You are great people, wonderful people & special people!

Because you are unique, you carry us in your wombs as fetus, carry us on your backs as babies, and carry us on your chests as old men, you are amazing!

As fetus, even when you aren’t sure of what you are carrying, whether it’s a professor, a doctor, a lawyer, a politician, business person or whether it’s a thief, a dictator, a murderer or a criminal, you endure the suffering, not for a week or a day but for nine months!

And as if that is not enough, you negotiate between a narrow angle of life & death, endure the labor pain until you give birth, the story is worse especially in countries with poor health care like Uganda, where 19 women die per day while giving birth!

The journey from birth to infantry and childhood is a tiresome one! We urinate & defecate on you, and you clean us, we go astray as babies and protect us from harm, you breast feed us with your milk that is full of nutrients, you guide us as we grow, etc and above all spend sleepless nights so that we can be comfortable, what a an amazing grace!

Your smiles bring joy in our hearts, your love & care give us comfort, your charming character make us warm, your forgiving hearts give us another chance to smile & above all life becomes incomplete for any man until he gets a wife!

As mothers you plead for us even when we are in guilty, you take care of us when we are sick, even when the world rejects us you welcome us with open hands, indeed you are golden hearted.

But with all those attributes, some times you are forgotten, your labor is never paid for, often you are physically harrased & emotionally abused, disappointed & heart broken but you remain resilient & hardworking!

You sleep late after your husbands & children have slept and again wake up early before they wake up, so that they can get a meal, indeed you are strong for you came from a bone (Adam’s rib) while we came from soil!

You are stereotyped, traumatized, stigmatized, offended and often taken as second hand citizens, sadly your rights are given to you as a favours or privileges rather than legitimate rights that you are entitled to, but amidst all this, you still remain resilient!

With all that sacrifice, this is your day, a day when we should pour all the love on you, a day when we should surprise you with great gifts, a day when we appreciate all your efforts.

To men out there, do something special to your mother, do it to your wife or any other special woman in your life, let them feel honored & appreciated.

I congratulate you women because you have broken barriers & biases that often pushed you behind even when you qualified to be in front.

A home without a woman will always be incomplete, a man with no wife will not be valued in society, children that miss motherly love do not live happy lives.

Indeed life without a woman is like food without salt, tea without sugar, a phone without battery, a bank account without credit, a car without fuel or a TV without subscription; indeed you give meaning to life, without you it is meaningless!

To all women, receive my love and best wishes.

Happy women’s Day wishes from your son, brother and friend. May God bless you

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