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MTN Uganda’s Environmental Pledge Blossoms into Sustainable Success for a Greener Future.

In a decisive commitment to environmental responsibility, MTN Uganda's goal to achieve net-zero
emissions by 2040 is bearing results.
MTN Uganda, through its "Project Zero," initiative has seen the company reduce its emissions by more
than half in a space of 2 years.
Monzer Ali, MTN Uganda's Chief Technical Information Officer points out that the company’s
comprehensive initiative focused on decarbonization. The company’s latest achievement stands out as
the company proudly registered a remarkable 59% reduction in emissions, comparing Q1 2023 to Q1
Monzer shed light on the deliberate measures taken within the company's data center and switch
center. Notably, through strategic deployment of smart energy monitoring tools, MTN Uganda gained
invaluable insights. Armed with this data-driven approach, the company implemented key actions,
resulting in a significant drop in power consumption.
Among the innovative strategies employed, Monzer highlighted fundamental actions such as cable
management and rearrangement. By optimizing airflow through strategic cable organization, the
company successfully reduced air conditioning run hours. An adjustment of the AC temperature by two
degrees further contributed to lowered fuel and grid consumption.
The company's largest data center, Mutundwe in Mbuya, exceeding 5 megawatts, became a focal point
for energy optimization as well as the adoption of cutting-edge technologies, including the latest
inverter and rectifier solutions and the deployment of lithium-ion batteries for their enhanced
The project also directed attention to the Tower Co sites, successfully achieving a 15% reduction in
emissions despite adding over 1,000 sites within two years. This accomplishment was driven by
widespread solar deployment, the integration of lithium-ion batteries, and a strategic shift in the
primary power source.
Monzer also revealed the initiative to introduce electric vehicles (EVs) into MTN Uganda's fleet.
Although still in the procurement phase, this move aligns with the company's broader strategy to
further reduce emissions.
Looking ahead, Monzer assured stakeholders that ongoing projects, including wind power production
Proof of Concepts (POCs), are in progress. Despite the geographical constraints of Uganda not being at
sea level, MTN Uganda is exploring innovative solutions to harness wind power in targeted locations.
The company's dedication to sustainability and the ongoing success of Project Zero exemplify its
leadership in the journey towards a greener future.