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Excitement builds as Ker Alur football finale nears.

As the 6th edition of the Ker Alur football competition hurtles towards its grand finale on Nov. 30, the
counties of Jonam, Padyere, and Okoro find themselves in a heated battle for the coveted prize of Shs 4
Ker Alur, in collaboration with its leading partner for 2023, MTN-Uganda, will be rewarding the winner
with the substantial sum of Shs 4 million. The second runner-up will claim Shs 2 million, while the third
runner-up will not be left empty-handed, receiving Shs 1.5 million.
he inter-county football matches in Ker Alur are not just about the competition but are a concerted
effort to nurture talent among the youth and impart valuable education messages aimed at retaining
girls in schools across the three counties in Ker Alur, nestled in the greater Nebbi district.
In a thrilling match played on Nov. 23, between Jonam and Padyere County at Bar Omach in Pakwach
district, Padyere emerged as strong contenders, securing a 2:2 draw with the host team, Jonam. Padyere
currently leads the table with 4 points, leaving Okoro County with zero points, while Jonam managed to
secure a point from Padyere County.
Last year, Okoro County was crowned champions after defeating Jonam in the Kopu P’umbimu cup.
However, this year presents a challenge for Okoro County. If they falter against Jonam on their home
turf, the stage will be set for an epic final showdown between Jonam and Padyere.
Expressing confidence in his team, Jonam County's coach, Ibrahim Fadil, is resolute in the belief that a
victory at Bar Okoro against Okoro County is non-negotiable.
“We extend our gratitude to our king and MTN-Uganda for uniting the youths, providing a platform for
identifying talent on a national level to represent the kingdom in sports,” he said.
Prime Minister of Ker-Alur, Prince Opar Angal, has urged the youth to maintain discipline to ensure a
successful conclusion to the match and to promote Alur culture.
He highlighted the abundance of talent among the Alur people, often overshadowed by a lack of
support. Expressing appreciation for MTN's continuous support, he called for increased collaboration,
suggesting possible infrastructural support for the kingdom's community schools.
“We should expand our support to maintain a positive relationship with MTN by providing security to
their businesses as they are an integral part of the Ker Alur family. We, as a kingdom, implore MTN-
Uganda for further infrastructural support if resources permit, especially for our community schools in
dire need,” Opar emphasized.
The stage is set, and the Ker Alur football finale promises to be a showcase of skill, determination, and
the vibrant spirit of Alur culture.