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Makerere University Don Blasts MPs Over Shs10Bn COVID-19 Cash Bonanza

By Keefa Nuwahereza

Nbebesa Mwabustya,  a lecturer of Humanities and Social Sciences at Makerere University, has lambasted Members of Parliament,  for pocketing Shs20m COVID-19 money.

In a statement he posted on his Facebook page,  Mwambustya stated thus;

“So while other citizens are tightening their belts the MPs will be loosening their belts in this era of lockdown!! So they have allocated themselves campaign money from the tax payers fund. 

So when mothers are delivering or dying at home for lack of transport MPs will be driving around campaigning in the countryside using public funds!! So when the rest of the citizens are locked down not working MPs are are earning hefty allowances!”

He added that “When our health workers are risking their lives without protective gear, MPs are allocating themselves billions! So when other citizens are are going hungry, MPs will be busy buying support using public money! Truly, Uganda is a banana republic.

However, while speaking about the Shs20m that Parliament is to give to all MPs to them in the fight against Coronavirus, Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga said this week that that the money will help the Legislators to fuel their ambulances and pay the drivers.

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