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Lydia Jazmine ready for ‘First Born Concert’

Lydia Jazmine is set to hold her first-ever concert this evening at Hotel Africana. The much-anticipated event is dubbed the “First Born Concert.” This is a very special moment for Jazmine because it shows how much she’s grown as a singer.
Jazmine has been singing for over eight years. She started when she was in high school and later joined the Watoto choir. After graduating from Multitech Business School with a degree in Business Administration and Management, she joined the Gertnum band as a background singer.
Later, Jazmine got a big chance when the popular Goodlyfe music group of Radio and Weasel noticed her talent. They signed her as a backup singer, and her voice was featured on popular songs like “Ntunga” and “Breath Away.” She didn’t just sing backup for Goodlyfe; she also backed up other singers like Bebe Cool and Sheebah Karungi. In 2017, Jazmine got to be on “Coke Studio Africa.” She collaborated with singers from Mozambique and South Africa, which further marketed her talent.
She has had ‘gap’ years in the industry due to management issues, but here she is today, getting ready for her big concert. Many are looking forward to her performance, but others are anticipating her fashion during her big day.
Jazmine is known for always looking great. She loves fashion! Fans are expecting an incredible night where she will sing, dance, and show off her style. It’s not just a concert for Lydia. It’s a celebration of her journey in the music industry.