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I feel embarrassed on behalf of the opposition – Mr. Museveni

The NRM party has for long been confronting opposition political parties for criticizing its achievements.

The opposition principals like Dr Kizza Besigye (ex FDC president) and a presidential candidate in the past elections, Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine of National Unity Platform (NUP), DP Chairman Norbert Mao, current FDC leader Patrick Oboi Amuriat, Lt. Gen. Henry Tumukunde of Renewed Uganda (a pressure group), Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) party leader, Maj. Gen. Mugisha Muntu Greg, among others have often accused the ruling NRM party of supressing opposition freedom, using national security to brutalise them; brutal arrest, killings, among other accusations.

Unlike Kizza Besigye who has given up on elective politics, focusing on his “Plan B”, Bobi Wine, POA, Mugisha Muntu, Henry Tumukunde, John Katumba, Nancy Kalembe, Norbert Mao, and others are all competing against president Museveni in the next presidential election.

Museveni, who has been a sole candidate for his NRM party for past elections (decades), wants to extend his rule to 40 years.

Bobi Wine, who was arrested last week on Wednesday in Luuka district after his arrival for a political campaign, on Friday, after his release from police detention by the Iganga Magistrate’s Court, told candidate Museveni: “We are not your slaves.”

Bobi Wine also vowed to defeat president Museveni using the ballots next year.

For decades, opposition candidates (parties) have accused president Museveni of gross human rights violation, shrinking economy, and they have asked him to leave power.

As he seeks re-election, the NRM candidate is campaigning with the slogan “Securing Your Future”.

Meanwhile, Bobi Wine is using “A New Uganda” as his slogan and Henry Tumukunde with “It’s Possible”.

With all the above, and many complaints, NRM principal feels opposition will never appreciate many developments brought by the ruling party.

Museveni unhappy

Presidential candidate Museveni on Monday took to Twitter and wrote:

“I feel embarrassed on behalf of the opposition. I was in Karamoja sub-region, opened a good hotel, commissioned the road from Soroti to Moroto, and the internet linking Moroto to New York by underground cable. I feel sorry people are there talking but not appreciating facts.”

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