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How NRM is ready to secure the future of all Ugandans.

by Abel kawere:0788166280

How NRM is ready to  secure the future of all Ugandans by prioritising the following:


NRM is committed to translating the economic growth and development so far

registered into more jobs and wealth for all Ugandans. NRM will continue to help more

people to take advantage of the existing socio-economic infrastructure — roads,

electricity and ICT — to create jobs and wealth. Jobs and wealth put money into

people’s pockets, food on the table, ensure savings for the future and investment in

income-generating activities.

NRM has identified the following four sectors for jobs and wealth creation.

 a. Commercial agriculture

b. Industrialisation

c. Services

d. Information and Communications Technology (ICT).

NRM will promote commercial agriculture as opposed to the unprofitable subsistence

farming. Small-scale and medium-scale farmers will be helped to select enterprises

with higher returns per acre annually. Through Operation Wealth Creation (OWC)

and the National Agricultural Advisory Services (NAADS), NRM will continue supplying

farm inputs to farmers as well as extension services in the area of modern agricultural


Key sectors of Uganda’s economy, especially agriculture and ICT, have endured

through the COVID-19 pandemic. For example, coffee exports grew despite the

pandemic, which triggered a lockdown. The April 2020 figures show growth compared

to a year ago, confirming that agriculture is strong and essential.

Uganda weathered the storm because of the Government’s appropriate actions,

including the earlier promotion of private sector-led growth.


22 • MANIFESTO 2021 – 2026

NRM will continue to prioritise industrialisation and its pace doubled with initiatives

to attract more investments in agro-processing to add value to primary products. In

addition, the abundant deposits of different minerals will be harnessed to support

mineral-led industrialisation, creating revenue and jobs.

NRM will advance the Buy Uganda Build Uganda (BUBU) policy in order to grow local

manufacturing as opposed to the importation of foreign products.

The Government’s capitalisation of the Uganda Development Bank (UDB) will be

increased to enable entrepreneurs engaged in the service sectors, ICT, industries and

commercial agriculture to access low-interest loans.


An educated and healthy population is key in improving people’s standards of living.

NRM pioneered the Education-for-All policy through the Universal Primary Education

(UPE) and Universal Secondary Education (USE) programmes. As a result, there has

been a rise in school enrolment at all levels of education. Attendance and completion

rates have also improved significantly.

Access to education for all has helped bridge the gender gap as more females are

going to school and attaining academic qualifications, enabling them to get wellpaying jobs just like their male counterparts. NRM will continue to emphasise the

teaching of science subjects, skills development, innovation and research. In addition,

courses in institutions of higher learning will be purposely developed and aligned to

meet the market demands of the private sector.

The health of Ugandans is also one of NRM’s top priorities, upholding health as wealth.

In order to achieve the total well-being of the nation, her citizens must be healthy.

Under NRM, Ugandans are assured of a longer lifespan because of better maternal

healthcare, immunisation programmes as well as the aggressive campaigns against

malaria and HIV/AIDS control campaigns. NRM will continue to invest in the health

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