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Hajji Ssemakula Jubilates After Winning Mukono LC5 Primaries With Landslide Victory

By Keefa Nuwahereza

City businessman Hajji Haruna  Ssemakula, the proprietor of Hill Water, a mineral water brand, is in jubilating mood after he won the National Resistance Movement (NRM) LC5 primaries for Mukono District.

Hajji Ssemakula, who is  one of the prominent businessmen in Mukono District, was competing with the incumbent Andrew Senyonga for the NRM flag bearer ahead of the 2021 general election.

Declaration form for polling results indicates Hajji Haruna Ssemakula trounced Andrew Senyonga

Ssemakula trounced Senyonga after polling 42,878 votes against 9678, thereby winning his opponent with overwhelming support from the NRM voters in Mukono District in the polls held last Friday.

After winning the primaries, Ssemakula is now warming up to contest against any candidate  who will be fronted by the opposition  next year when time for election comes.

Some of the motorcycles that Hajji Ssemakula gave out

He is however likely to battle for the position with Dr Bakaluba Mukasa, who will be contesting on Bobi Wine’s National Unity Platform (NUP) ticket.

Ssemakula recently donated 15 motorcycles for the sub-county NRM chairpersons and revealed that he will construct boreholes to ensure that people in Mukono District have access to safe water.

He revealed that once elected mayor, he is  ready to construct 62 boreholes, ensure roads and other infrastructure are improved to acceptable standards, on top of helping all families in villages around Mukono to have access to affordable electricity. 

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