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FUFA President Magogo Abandons Wife, Too Tight With SK Mbuga’s Ex-Lover Leila Kayondo

By Elite News Reporter

Moses Magogo, the President of the Football Associations of Uganda (FUFA), seems to see the future in singer Leila Kayondo, instead of his baby mama Dellah Sally.

Word from our Moles  is that Magogo, who is aspiring for a Member of Parliament in the 2021 General Election, is these days spending a lot of time with socialite Suleiman Kabangala aka SK Mbuga’s ex-lover Leila Kayondo.

Leila Kayondo and FUFA boss Moses Magogo enjoying life

Our Moles reveal that Magogo is too tight for comfort with Leila and that the two are spending a lot of quality time together these days, whereby  the singer is often spotted enjoying rides in his cars as the two go only God knows where.

Leila Kayondo parades her juicy assets

It is not yet clear whether Magogo is planning to hook Leila onto his campaign team such that she can traverse Busoga region as he rallies supporters for votes or the two are just Chillaxing and doing a ‘Leggo’ thing.

Moses Magogo and wifey Dellah Sally

But what is on ground is that Magogo has made Leila forgot all the brokeness, plus loneliness and heartache she suffered after being dumped by SK Mbuga, because nowadays she wears a huge smile wherever she goes and many of her pals are wondering what the source of her new happiness is.

Meanwhile, her friends revealed to our Moles that Magogo’s wifey Dellah is not happy at all with Leila’s closeness to him and she has already started sending emissaries to the singer to reportedly assure her to back off him or face the dire consequences of her actions.

Watch this space!

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