Friday, March 1News That Matters


It was an explosive weekend as Fortebet gave back to Gulu gifts worth millions of monies.

First, Fortebet visited all it 7 branches in Gulu that include; Gulu main, Buganda pub, Gulu SB & Gulu, Gulu Amigos, Gulu Layibi and Lacor and its two branches in Kitgum and gave out pens, wristbands, caps, T-shirts, team jerseys of the top European teams and the grand gift being phones-all of which were given out free-of-charge.

All the above gifts were given out to over 1,000 clients by Fortebet brand ambassador, Alex Muhangi.

While talking to Gulu Main branch, Muhangi said that, “We are happy to celebrate with our clients for you have made Fortebet a big brand as it is today.” He added, “This is one of the smallest ways we can say thank you all and we promise to give you the best betting experience as you win free gifts”

Fortebet also gave our 100 reflector jackets to bodaboda riders at market bodaboda stage.

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