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Electoral Commission Announces Nomination Fees For MP Candidates

By Keefa Nuwahereza

The Electoral Commission has announced  nomination fees for candidates aspiring for the 2021 General Election for the position of Member of Parliament.

A circular guiding all candidates on how to pay, how much they are required and where to pay the money has since been circulated by the E.C to all aspiring candidates.

Here below are the guidelines from the circular issued by the E.C boss Justice Simon Byabakama;


Section 11(3) or Parliamentary Elections Act, 2005 (as amended) provides that the nomination paper shall be accompanied by a nomination fee of one hundred and fifty currency points, equivalent to Shs3,000,000/ (Three million shillings only)

Part of the circular issued by the Electoral Commission about Nomination fees for MP Candidates


Note: Aspiring candidate shall pay pay nomination fees to the UGANDA REVENUE AUT1ORITY (URA) as follows.

(a) Payment Registration Number (PRN)

 (I) Go to URA Website

(II) Register and obtain a Payment Registration Number (PRN)

(b) Payment through Banks

Aspiring candidates may make the payment through any bank that collects revenue on behalf or URA as follows.

(i) Present the payment Registration Number (PRN) Mat shall facilitate the payment to the URA account.

(ii) Pay 3,000,000, plus bank charges in the bank

(iii) The bank will provide a BANK RECEIPT in acknowledgement of payment.


(i)The aspiring candidate shall present the ‘BANK RECEIPT’ obtained from the bank to Electoral Commission on or before nomination day.

(ii) The Commission shall verify the payment with URA

(iii) The Electoral Commission shall then issue a GENERAL RECEIPT to the intending candidate confirming payment of nomination  fee.

4. PRESENTATION OF THE GENERAL RECEIPT TO THE RETURNING OFFICER On nomination day the intending candidate shall present the GENERAL RECEIPT to the Returning Officer  with other nomination documents, confirming payment of the nomination fee.

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