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‘Do Not Return COVID-19 Bodies To Uganda’-President Museveni

By Elite Reporter

President Yoweri Museveni has directed that all Coronavirus (COVID-19) death cases are supposed to be buried where they die from and that all bodies of Ugandans who died abroad shall not be repatriated to Uganda.

Museveni revealed this during his eleventh national address about Coronavirus, during his which he congratulated Ugandans upon fighting the COVID-19 pandemic from spreading.

“When we studied this disease, we thought it was easy to prevent. That is why anyone who has flu or cough should not be near any person,” Museveni  said. 

He noted that;  ” The issue is with dead bodies, when someone dies of COVID-19, don’t try to bring the body back. The body with tissues could bring problems. Fortunately we have not had deaths but if we were to have, its the Ministry of Health that bury them not relatives. I hear some countries even cremate the bodies.”

I was reading an interview of our man from Dubai, he thinks he was infected when he was going to the airport. That communal gathering is now dangerous. There you can even be infected by mere breathing. That’s why we took drastic measures when we knew this.”

 He continued that “In 1893 there was an outbreak of small pox. There was no vaccine but our ancestors learnt that method of not concentrating. So this method is not new.
 The people tested so far are 10982 and if you include those of today they over 11000. That is why I want to congratulate you. When we collaborate, we seem to be performing well.”

He revealed that; “I want to thank our scientists. They’re working on a vaccine. The ones at Entebbe have sequenced the virus. They’re doing very well and that is why I want to use this occasion to call upon the politicians to pay the scientists well.”

  He also cautioned that; “However there are still some crooks in the society who don’t understand the value of working together. I hear there were some people who were bribing and getting stickers. We’re going to confiscate those cars and legally see what to do for them.”
 The danger is in the communal spaces, because you can be infected even though you do not touch anything. That’s why when we understood this, we took drastic steps, asking people not to congregate but disperse.

 “I hear there are some crooks who are trying to hold the items so that the price goes up, I am warning you. I am going to import and you will end up with rotten food. I am used to wars,” 

 He also revealed that; “I hear there is a problem with salt but if you get the posho and beans then you can buy the salt yourself until the salt comes or even if you eat without salt, it is not very sweet but you will not die.” 

Museveni also noted that “My car knocked a he goat and according to the UPDF I had to stop to compensate the owner but I didn’t because I didn’t want the people to gather. The DISO should get in touch with State House comptroller such that the owner can be compensated. Though he should be the one to compensate me.

 “People tried to stop me today but I didn’t. Ugandans, don’t think that I am bad mannered. I didn’t stop because I didn’t want you to gather and that’s why I didn’t.”

About the number of people in cargo trucks, Museveni said that; “The truck drivers; we had allowed at least 3 people but now we have revised it to one.” 

He went on to say that; “There is still an issue with boda boda’s we had said that they should stop at 2:00pm but now they can go up to 5:00pm so that they beat the curfew. This includes boda-boda’s and bicycles.”

“With the locusts, we have found that spraying from the ground works better than spraying from the air. So we have killed the locusts. And they have not damaged anything. So that is going on well and I congratulate the UPDF.”

“The bazukulu know what is happening in California but you don’t know what is happening in your country. That is why I took a photo at the dam. You’ll see that picture the bazukulu, I took that picture for you. You’ll enjoy it.” 

About the power blackout in some parts of the country caused by a floating Island at Owen Falls dam, Museveni said that; “Those floating so-called islands had yams and cassava, which means people had cultivated on them. I want to congratulate our engineers.

Our people mobilised and scooped it out. Another one was coming from Kirinya side but they intercepted it. We are going to chase all those people who have encroached non wetland, lake shores and river banks.”

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