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Court set to hear bail for American couple over foster child case.

An American couple is set to appear in the High Court in Kampala today seeking to be released on bail as they face charges of torturing their ten-year-old foster child.
The couple argues that they are responsible citizens of the United States with good character and have serious pre-existing medical conditions that require management outside of prison. They believe that they pose no threat to any investigation, and the offences against them are bailable, emphasizing their presumption of innocence.
In a statement submitted through their lawyers of AF Mpanga Advocates, the couple explained that one of them was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, an inherited disorder that affects connective tissues in the body, particularly joints, skin, and blood vessel walls.
The affidavit notes that owing to this disease, they cannot have biological children of their own. The couple’s pre-existing medical conditions make managing their health impossible within the confines of a prison.
The prosecution alleges that the couple recruited, transported, maintained, and tortured a vulnerable ten-year-old boy between 2020 and 2022 at their residence in Naguru.
The child’s caretaker reported the couple to the Kira Road Police Station, alleging that the minor sat on a cold tiled floor without clothes, slept on a bed without a mattress, and had a camera installed in his room to monitor his movements. The couple reportedly kept the child locked in a small room that doubled as his bedroom, depriving him of his right to education.

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