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A young man recorded slaughtering ‘karoli’ at Makerere University.

Youth was caught on camera slaughtering marabou stork, locally known as ‘Karoli’, behind Mary Stuart Hall Dining at Makerere University.
The video captured by an unknown source reportedly shows the youth butchering the Karoli repeatedly behind the hall of residence. This activity has raised concerns among students, who fear for their health and the possibility of the meat being sold to them unknowingly by nearby vendors, including roasted meat vendors in areas such as Kikoni and Wandegeya.
An anonymous source disclosed that the young man had previously been arrested by the university’s security team for allegedly vandalizing the metallic fencing material of the forestry, which he “sold as scrap”. The young man is said to be known by some students and often sleeps behind Mary Stuart Hall.
Furthermore, there are ethical concerns surrounding the consumption of marabou storks as they are a protected species in some areas due to their declining populations. Slaughtering and consuming them can contribute to their further decline and ultimately their extinction.
Marabou stork’s meat is not poisonous. However, there are potential health risks associated with eating them. Marabou storks, like other wild birds, may carry various diseases and parasites that can be transmitted to humans. Additionally, marabou storks are scavengers and may consume carrion, which can expose them to harmful bacteria and toxins.
Furthermore, hunting and killing marabou storks is illegal in many countries as they are a protected species. Therefore, consuming them or selling their meat is also illegal and can result in legal consequences. It is important to always follow laws and regulations regarding the hunting and consumption of wildlife to protect both the environment and human health.

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