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Centenary Bank gives back  to it’s  customers in Satu Ku Satu Campaign.

Centenary Bank, the leading commercial microfinance bank in Uganda, is rewarding their customers with cash prizes in the Satu Ku Satu campaign. The Bank launched the campaign with intent to give back to its’ customers for using the digital banking platforms: Centemobile, Cente Agent and Cente Visa.
Beatrice Lugalambi, the General Manager Corporate Communications and Marketing at Centenary Bank said “We have revamped this campaign to continuously encourage our customers to embrace our digital banking channels to transact or pay bills and enjoy convenient banking. Centenary Bank is at the helm of promoting digital inclusion for the banking population across Uganda, hence the Satu Ku Satu Campaign.”
“The customer is required to transact 3 times or more using the Cente Agents, Cente mobile, and Cente Visa cards to stand a chance and win Shs100,000. We have so far rewarded over 50 people in different regions in the country and we shall continue to reward until July, when the campaign comes to an end,” Lugalambi remarked.
Nalime Manuel, one of the winners said, “I have used Cente mobile for a long time due to the ease and convenience it provides. When I was contacted that I had won a cash prize, I couldn’t believe it but after making confirmations, I have received my prize and I would like to encourage the public to participate “CenteMobile, CenteVisa and Cente agent banking are the most convenient banking methods currently available. The flexibility of these channels will enable customers transact near their homes or business locations as well as during hours where the bank branches are closed and in turn increase their chances of winning the cash prize in this reward campaign,” Immaculate Ngulumi, the Chief Manager, Marketing and Branding at Centenary Bank said.
“With digital banking, you have no time constraints, meaning you can bank anywhere and at any time without making long queues in banking halls. Centenary bank has the most affordable rates when it comes to using the alternative channels hence making it the people’s bank it is today. We however caution people to be very keen when using these platforms; protect your pins and watch out for scammers, and for any inquiries our customer helplines are always available or you can visit any of our branches for assistance,” Ngulumi emphasized.
The Satu Ku Satu campaign is also a tool that the bank has implored to push its digital financial literacy that will see customers morph from relying solely on traditional banking methods to more convenient, affordable and safer ways of banking. With the penetration of smartphones in Uganda, every individual should track and access their details on their mobile device through the banking app Centemobile, or swipe to pay for items with the use of CenteVisa without necessarily having to move with actual cash.
While at the campaign activation in Nyendo, Kibuye Robert a CenteAgent at Rodema phones and accessories thanked Centenary Bank for easing the payments of bills for their customers through the agent banking service. “In the past one was required to go to the bank branches to pay for bills like school fees, electricity or water. Currently customers are relieved to know that they can these transactions with the CenteAgent. In addition to that, the risk of moving long distances with huge amounts of money was solved with the convenience of the CenteAgent” he said.
Centenary Bank has over 80 branches, 5,500 agents, 192 ATMs, Mobile Banking and other digital platforms that can be used by both feature and smart phone holders to transact, pay bills and acquire loans.because it is real.”

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