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(CEHURD) sues government over unfair hospital charges on covid-19 patients

Center for Health, Human Rights and Development (CEHURD) have sued the Government, seeking it’s intervention in the unfair hospital charges against COVID-19 patients, by both governments and public hospitals.

(CEHURD) and Moses Mulumba of Mukono district, through their lawyer Kenneth Ssebabi, have petitioned Mukono high court seeking orders that the Attorney general, the medical and dental practitioner council and minister of health Jane Ruth Achenge to intervene and cause a reduction of the medical fees being charged in treatment of covid 19 patients.

“We want the health minister to regulate and set guidelines on the management of the covid 19 patients in the country,” Kennedy Ssebabi contends.

He added that they have also filed an application for the certificate of emergency due to the agency of the matter.

Waswa Paul from (CEHURD), stressed that they are challenging exorbitant fees that are charged by hospitals, Waswa says that this is a human rights violation because everyone should access health care services irrespective of their economic standing in the society.

“Very many covid-19 patients are dying in their homes, fearing to go to the health facilities because of the high fees, covid-19 is a public health crisis. It shouldn’t be a business venture”. Waswa said.

Currently private hospitals are changing COVID-19 patients between 5 to 10 millions per day and others ask for collaterals like land titles, something that is not fair.

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