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Cavendish University Uganda Graduates Stuck as Papers Are Rejected in Rwanda.

By our reporter

The graduates of Cavendish University, Kampala, have been serving as teachers and head teachers in different schools located in Ngororero district, Western Province of Rwanda. They were employed by the Ministry of Public Service and Labour after passing teachers’ recruitment procedures and HEC recognition certification for two years now.

It is reported that the seven Canvendish University graduates in Rwanda that have been given five days by the Ministry of Labour to present their academic equivalence certificates or else, they will be dismissed.

 “Academic recognition certificate is not an academic equivalence certificate, they are different. HEC knows this difference, the issue is finding out why these professional teachers delayed getting academic equivalence certificates because they are needed at the workplace as par the law,” Said Edmond Tubanambazi, the advisor to the minister of labour.

Academic recognition certificate is the approval of courses, qualifications, or diplomas from one (domestic or foreign) higher education institution by another while academic equivalence certificate approves level of achievement equivalent to completion of an educational course or training.

This is not the first time for graduates’ qualifications being quashed by different job providers and other stakeholders in the education sector as some people forge academic qualifications to attain what they want hence furnishing the reputation of their institutions.
We shall keep you updated on what comes next.

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