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A Reminder of How Your MP Voted in the Age Limit Campaign a Head of 2021 Elections.

By Keefa Nuwahereza

As 2021 comes closer, this is a reminder on how your MP voted during the “togekwatako” Campaign. Parliament voted on Wednesday December 20 2017

 to move ahead with the controversial “age limit” bill, which was seeking to lift the cap on the Presidential age from the constitution.

According to the Speaker of Parliament, RT. Hon.Rebecca Kadaga, some 317 MPs voted in favour of the motion to lift the age limit of 75 years for persons seeking to run for the presidency, while 97 members voted against the proposal. Two members abstained.

Interestingly, all UPDF representatives, who claim to be non-partisan, voted in favour of scrapping the term limits.

A number of MP, who were told by their constituents to vote against the proposal to scrap term limits, nevertheless voted for it. They include Amelia Kyambadde (Mawokota North), Amos Lugolobi (Ntenjeru North), Beatrice Anywar (Kitgum Municipality), Godfrey Kiwanda (Mityana North), Judith Nabakoba (Mityana district), Isaac Musumba (Buzaaya), Nathan Igeme Nabeta (Jinja Municipality East), Moses Balyeku (Jinja Municipality West) and Rehema Watongola (Kamuli Minicipality).

Others, perhaps caught between the conflicting interests of their constituents and President Museveni, stayed away. They include Idah Nantaba (Kayunga District), Peter Mugema (Iganga Municipality) and Nabila Nagayi Sempala (Kampala District).

Below is a complete list of how each MP voted;

Hon Abachacon: No

Abiriga: Yes

Remigius yes

Opendi: Yes

Aciro Lucy: No

Acon: Yes

Adeke: No

Adome: No

Adong: No

Agaba: Yes

Achiro: Yes

Akampurira: yes

Akello Lucy: No

Akello Sylvia: No

Akena: No


Akurut: Yes

Aleper: yes.

Ameru: No

Amoding: No

Among Anita: Yes

Amongi Betty: yes

Amongin Jacqueline: yes

Amoru: Yes

Amule: Yes

Angundro: Yes

Angura: yes

Anite: Yes

Anyakumi: Yes

Anywarach: No

Aogon: No

Aol Ocan: No

Aridru: Yes

Ariko: No

Arinaitwe: yes

Arinda: Yes.

Adana: Yes

Hon Asamo: Yes

Asimo: Yes

Asiku: Yes

Atiku: No

Anywar: Yes

Atim Joy: No

Ogwal: No

Atyang: yes

Afua: yes

Awor: Yes

Atima: yes

Ayepa: Yes

Ayo: yes

Baba James: Yes

Babirye Judith: Yes

Babirye Sara: yes

Babirye(masaka) No

Bafaki: yes

Bagole: Yes

Hon Baguma: Yes

Bahati: yes

Nambooze: No

Bakabukindi: yes

Balyeku: yes

Bangirana: yes

Baryayanga: No

Baryomunsi: Yes

Batigeka: Yes

Syda: Yes

Bebona: Yes

Bigirwa: No

Bintu: Yes

Birungi: yes

Bitangalo: yes

Bukenya M. Yes

Burundo: Yes

Butime: yes

Byabagambi: yes

Byandala: yes

Byarugaba: Yes

Byekwaso: yes

Centenary: No

Chekamondo: yes

Chekweo: Yes

Chelimo: yes

Chemutai: No

Cheptoris: yes

Damuzungu: Yes

Baba Diri: Yes

Dujanga: Yes

Echweru: yes.

Egunyu: Yes

Eitunganane: No

Etuka: Yes

Hon Fungaro: No

Gafabusa: No

Galabuzi: yes

Gonahasa: No

Guma: yes

Igeme: Yes

Ikojo: Yes

Ilukor: Yes

Isara: yes

Musumba: Yes

Kaahwa: yes

Kabafunzaki: yes

Kabigye: yes

Kabaziguruka: No

Sekitoleko: yes

Kafuzi: Yes

Kahunde: No

Kajara: yes

Kajungu: yes

Hon Kakooza James: Yes

Kakooza Joseph: yes

Kalemba: yes

Kalisa: yes

Kaluya: yes

Kamara: yes

Kamateeka: yes

Kamugo: yes

Kamuntu: yes

Kamusime: yes

Pentagon: Yes

Kangwagye: yes

Karubanga David: Yes

Kasaija: yes

Kasibante: No

Kasirivu: yes

Kasolo: yes

Kasozi Ibrahim: No

Kasozi Joseph: Yes

Kasule: yes

Kasumba: yes

Kato: No

Katoto: Yes

Katumba: yes

Katuntu: No

Katuramu: Yes

Katusabe: No

Katushabe Ruth: yes

Katwesigye: yes

Kesande: yes

Khainza: No

Kibalya: No

Kibule: Yes

Kiza Earnest: Yes

Kiza Stella: Yes

Hon Winnie Kiiza: no

Kisembo: yes

Kitata: yes

Kitutu: yes

Kiwanda: Yes

Kiwanuka: Yes

Kizige: yes

Koluo: Yes

Komakech: No

Komuhangi: Yes

Koreta: yes

Kulaigye: Yes

Kumama: yes

Kuningira: Yes

Kusasira: yes

Kutesa P. Yes

Kutesa Sam: Yes

Kwiyocwiny: yes

Kyagulanyi: no

Hon Lamwaka: yes

Lanyero: yes

Lokeris P: yes

Lokeris Samson: Yes

Lokii: Yes

Lokodo: yes

Lokor: yes

Lubogo: yes

Lukyamuzi David: No

Lutamaguzi: No

Lyomoki: No

Macho: No!

Mafabi Isma: Yes

Maganda: Yes

Magyezi: Yes

Makumbi: yes

Mandera: yes

Mangusho: Yes

Hon Masika: Yes

Masiko: Yes

Mawanda: yes

Mayende: Yes

Mbabali: yes

Mbabazi: Yes

Mbaju: No

Taban: Yes

Mbayo: yes

Mbeisa: Yes

Mbogo: Yes

Mbwatekamwa: No

Mirembe D. yes

Mpuuga: No

Mudukoi: yes

Mugenyi: Yes

Mugoya: yes

Mugume: No

Mugisa: yes

Muheire: Yes

Hon Muheire: No

Mukasa Opondo: No

Muruli: yes

Mukisa: yes

Mukoda: Yes

Mukula F. Yes

Mulindwa: Yes

Musana: yes

Musasizi: yes

Musoke P: yes

Musoke R. Yes

Mutebi D: yes

Mutebi N: yes

Mutonyi: yes

Mutunzo: yes

Kivumbi: yes

Muyanja: no

Muyingo K. Yes

Hon Mwesige: yes

Mwesigwa: yes

Mwesigye: yes

Mwijukye: No

Mwine: yes

Nabakooba: Yes

Nabanja: yes

Nabulindo: No

Nakate: Yes

Nakahenzi: No

Nalule: yes

Namayanja F. No

Nambeshe: No

Namoa: Yes

Namuganza: Yes

Namugwanya: yes

Namuju: yes

Namukula: Yes

Hon Namuyango: yes

Nandala M. No

Nankabirwa Ann: yes

Nankabirwa Ruth: yes

Nayebale: yes

Ndamira: Yes

Ndezi: Yes

Ngabirano: Yes

Ninsiima: Yes

Ninjimana: No

Nokrach: Yes

Nsamba: No

Nsereko: No

Nsubuga: Yes

Nyakecho: yes

Nyira: Yes

Nzoghu: No

Onek: Yes

Obiga: yes

Oboth: yes

Obua: yes

Ocheng: No

Ochen: No

Odongo JJ: Yes

Odur Jack: yes

Ogama: yes.

Latigo: No

Okot: No

Oguzu: No

Ogwang: yes

Okabe: yes

Okello Anthony: Yes.

Okello Boni: Yes

Okello P. C. Yes

Oking: No

Okonymoi: yes

Okot Péter: no

Hon Najuma: Yes

Okumu: No

Okupa: No

Opio Sam: yes

Olanya: No

Olega: Yes

Omony: yes

Songa: yes

Ongalo: Yes

Onzima: yes

Opolot Isiagi: yes

Opolot yes

Oryem: Yes

Osegge: No

Oseku: Yes

Osolu: Yes

Othieno: yes

Makmot: yes

Oula: yes

Ouma: Yes

Oyet: No

Hon Ruhunda: No

Rwabushaija: Yes

Rwabogo: No

Rwakimari: Yes

Rwakoojo: yes

Rwamirama: yes

Rwemulikya: Yes

Sabiti: No

Sebagala: No

Seguya: yes

Ssekindi: Yes

Ssematimba: Yes

Sselwani: yes

Sizomu: no

Soyeko: yes

Sebikali: yes

Sekabito: Yes

Ssekandi: Yes

Hon Sekikubo: No

Sembatya: yes

Sempala: No

Ssempijja: yes

Ssemuli: no

Ssentongo R. No

Sewungu: no

Suubi: Yes

Taaka: yes

Taban Amin: yes

Takirwa: yes

Timuzigu: no

Tinkasimire: no

Tumuhirwe: No

Tumuramye: yes

Tumusime: Yes

Tumwwbaze: yes

Tumwesigye: Yes

Hon Tumwine: Yes

Tumwine Elly: yes

Kebirungi: yes

Tusiime: yes

Twesigye: yes

Twesigye M. Yes

Twinamatsiko: Yes

Majegere: yes

Wakabi: Abstain

Waluswaka: yes

Wamala: yes

Walyomu: yes

Wamakuyu: yes

Wetenga: yes

Watongola: Yes

Wetonga: yes

Woboya: yes

Yaguma: yes

Zaake: no

Hon Achieng: yes

Achia: Yes

Achidri: No

Akamba: yes

Akora: No

Aol Jacqueline: yes

Atuheire: yes

Birawa: Abstain

Bwino: yes

Dulu: yes

Kabagyenyi: yes

Kalule: Yes

Kyambadde: yes

Migadde: No

Nakawunde: No

Ntende: yes Nabayiga: Yes

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