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8yr child buried headless.

Moments of sorrow, wailing and sympathy rocked Kasanga village in Katuugo town council in Nakasongola district on Monday afternoon as the residents buried the torso of 8-year-old Yasin Sserunga at his ancestral home.
Sseruga, a former pupil of Destiny Primary School disappeared from his parent’s home at Kisule Butanza village in Luwero district on Saturday afternoon.
He went missing at around 1 pm shortly after his sister left him outside the house.
His body was recovered on Sunday morning following an alert from a casual laborer who found it hanging on a tree without the head, fingers, or toes.
Sserunga’s torso was laid on Monday amidst calls from bereaved family members and residents for justice as well as the search for the missing parts.
The deceased’s father, Yasin Sserunga described the death of his child as tragic and devastating to his entire family.
Sserunga said that until now he is yet to understand the motive of the killers but suspects the innocent child was targeted for ritual sacrifice by unknown people.
Allen Nabatanzi, the mother of the deceased asked the Police to hunt for the killers to face the law and recover the missing body parts so that her child rests well in the grave.
Fred Lubinga, the LC 3 Chairperson of Katuugo town council says that they suspect that the sacrifice could be linked to unscrupulous witchdoctors and asked the government to screen their activities if it’s to eliminate such acts.
Patrick Lule, the Savannah Regional Police Spokesperson commiserated with the family over the loss of their child and said the search for the killers as well as missing body parts is still ongoing.
The Police report indicates that at least 50 people were murdered and one case involved ritual sacrifice in the Luwero district from April to December 2022.

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